Infinite Flight is beautiful

Can we appreciate that beautiful shot, just for a moment?

Will you click me?

Altitude: FL630
Location: Somewhere over Tajikistan

Thank you,
Have a nice day!


Wow, that’s a really nice shot dude ! ;)

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That made me laugh :)

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That’s pretty high 63K

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Infinite Flight is awesome, this is a well-taken photo of Tajikistan, where the silk road passes through. Thousands of years ago, explorers and merchants used this road all the way to China, it was one of the important places on planet earth. Very historical, and quite interesting. Thank you for this photo.


You’re welcome ;)

Yeah, I tried to do some Maverick low-valley flying.
After I was opening the replay that glitch happened, where your plane gets very high up. Well I was just sitting here and enjoying the view.

i never knew nebraska could look so good