Infinite flight IOS 14 support

With IOS 14 beta testing available to the public, I wanted to ask if Infinite flight supports IOS 14 yet. before I download it on my iPad.

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It is not officially supported.

Some users have reported that it has been working, but there is no full confirmation.

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It’s pretty self explaining, actually. If you download a beta you must expect performance issues. InfiniteFlight will run but there’s no guaranty your app will run as good as now. From my personal experience, I wouldn’t recommend downloading the beta if you don’t need to. You‘ll get the perfect version of iOS in september 😉

Note: Please double check and don’t download iOS to your iPad accidentally, download iPadOS.

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As @Thunderbolt mentioned, it’s not officially supported by IF, however I have been running the developer version since it was released and I have yet to experience any issues or detrimental effects to my device while playing IF.

That being said, I would avoid doing this as IF will not assist with any issues you encounter while running an unsupported software.

No. Not until iOS14 is public will support be offered. Until then, it is recommended that you test out iOS 14 on a device you don’t use Infinite Flight with.