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Welcome to the official thread of Infinite Flight Interviews! Our goal is to bring stories of the Infinite Flight Community to your hands!

Infinite Flight Interviews will interview Infinite Flight staff, moderators, and prominent community members. These interviews will bring new light to everyone’s stories that have never been told, allowing people to share how they got started on Infinite Flight, on the community, their adventures within Infinite Flight, and the people they have met!

Get ready Infinite Flight Community! It will be a bright future of interviews, storytelling, and adventures!

All blogs will be shared here on this thread.

Latest Interviews

Jason Rosewell Interview

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we’ll im still 15 :(
I’ll see if I can do it still :D

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Fantastic first interview with Jason and great to see Infinite Flight Interviews back in the community once again. It’s always great to see community members an opportunity to share their journey with Infinite Flight and the Infinite Flight Community if they choose to do so.


Thinking about putting mine about qhen i was doing circuits at Ymml and i spun 🤣🤣


Well, I certainly wish you the best of luck. I’ve seen many different iterations of the interview format within the forum over the past 5 years, all of which have failed. Here’s hoping you can maintain a level of consistency to keep this going.

Bit of constructive criticism based on your first interview: the interview is written like a biography, full of “Jason said” etc. An interview should have responses from the recipient in the first person, present tense. If, in this example, Jason is directly answering the questions, perhaps it should be his answers we are seeing, rather than a filtered version that may not be exactly representative. Otherwise anyone could simply search for something said by a member in the past and use that as a response.

But once again, best of luck.


I did read it, and I do agree with Kirito. It’s definitely a start


Thank you, Krito, for the feedback! I will watch what I am writing next time! I will say that this was almost a test run, but they will get better the more I do them!


@Darkspoul Thank you

@DeerCrusher Thank you

@ybtl.aviation We’ll see!

@Declan Thank you


You’re welcome :D
How do I get a waiver signed for ya? Do I dm u a pic of it or something?

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I’m working on that now! It’ll be coming in a few days!

I will announce it here on the thread!


You sign it, I reban you. 🙂


My handwriting is so unbelievably bad I can’t even make it come close to one of my parents signatures lol

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“mum can you sign a thing for infinite flight, I want to do an interview of how I became a C208 pilot”


Hello IFC,

Who do you wanna see interviewed from the community? What stories do you want to be told by the staff team, moderation team, or your favorite IFATC controller?

Let us know, and we’ll make it happen!


I would love to see an interview on Avon Aka-A-FitzGerald.

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Any specific question you want us to ask him?

Since im a developer, How hard was it to make InfiniteX and how long did it take?

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Will do.

Thanks for giving an idea for an interview!

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Agree, would be great even since he is a new acquainted staff member of IF

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Not much was said about his joining this team. I would love to know how he was invited and what area he helps in.