Infinite Flight Inside The Cockpit Series

Inside The Cockpit Series

So I’m sure most of us have seen easyJet Inside the cockpit series or something similar and along those lines.

For a long time it’s something I’ve always wanted to replicate and turn into a video series within infinite flight. I’ve had loads of ideas from things such as Virtual Airline Inside The Cockpit Series to Regular Inside The Cockpit Series or those videos you get posted on YouTube from a airline from time to time showing a approach, departure or a full flight but split into various different parts of the flight specifically for the video. I’m unsure but I have these ideas as of now.

This is something thought of and to be honest I like realism. I like the thought of it being somewhat like the real thing with it’s own infinite flight twist.

And to be honest I dont think I’d be able to do it without community input and help and ideas so if this is something you’d be interested in trying to develop with me no matter if its throught virtual airlines or a individual standpoint within the community let me know and by all means I would be happy to have the community on board.

Furthermore if you have any ideas drop them below.

Thanks In Advance


Sounds like a good idea


I would like to the see that!


The VA I’m in (check bio) has something called “Tales From The Cockpit”

In some special events or group flights a staff member (normally the CEO) streams the flight on YouTube while in a zoom call with other members.

They usually talk a bit about the flight before taking off, but then the conversation that follows isn’t really aviation-related.

I really like your idea tho, it’d be nice to see something such as the Easyjet - Inside the Cockpit Series (that I’m addicted to) from IF

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Do you have a link to one of these

There you go

I’ve actually just found out that it’s based on a IRL KLM series called cockpit tales

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Watched it 5 times over now start to finish! 😂

I really like this idea. Very creative. Not sure what help I could bring to the project, but look forward to seeing progress! Feel free to reach out for anything!

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thank you. If you have ideas let me know

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