Infinite flight + Infinite flight Assistant

Hello there!
I have a question about the app “Infinite Flight Assistant”. Does the battery consumption increase if I use Infinite Flight together with this app (with all in-app purchases)? Or is the battery consumption almost the same as if I only use Infinite Flight?

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Since it is an additional app - it will naturally use additional battery - but I don’t think its a large amount

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Okay! Thanks for your Reply!

You’re very welcome :)

Any application running in the background of another application will increase battery loss. Some more than others depending on the app and the number of applications running in the background. 🙂

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It is transparent for battery.
You’ll need to kill two apps before launching IFAssistant then Infinite Flight to make then surely connected. And yes it’s kinda boring

I use both. I didn’t feel so much difference.

Your screen brightness setting will affect your battery performance way more than running infinite flight assist.

There’s one way of overcoming all this. That is to plug your phone in while playing :)

In short yes. It does consume more battery life, but it is not significant. If you are flying long haul flights, please plug in the power source to ensure that your device doesn’t run out of battery. Make sure to close as much not-in-use apps.

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