Infinite Flight Indonesia present: IFSEA Indonesia Summit 2023 | 5th Nov

Southeast Asia consists of 11 countries and currently active state organizations are Indonesia that already Approved by IFVARB. For the first step of Infinite Flight Indonesia to to build relations between countries in Southeast Asia, we agreed to hold a partnership event with Philippines called the IFSEA Summit. And coincidentally, for 2023, Infinite Flight Indonesia will be the host and official, IFSEA Summit: Indonesia 2023 will be held on November 5, 2023.

“Hopefully, by holding this first IFSEA Summit, we can build relations between Indonesia to whole Southeast Asia and also revive the Infinite Flight Organization in Southeast Asia. A big thank you to all the committee members who have successfully carried out this event and hopefully all pilots who participated in this event can have an interesting flying experience in Indonesia. Safe Flights everyone!”

- Raihan Yudanto -
Infinite Flight Indonesia

Flying to Bali is a breathtaking experience that takes you to a realm of natural beauty and cultural richness. As your plane descends, the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean shimmer below, hinting at the paradise that awaits. The lush, emerald landscapes of Bali’s rice terraces and tropical forests unfold like a vibrant tapestry, offering a mesmerizing contrast to the azure sea.

Upon approach, you’ll witness the sacred volcanoes, like Mount Agung, which stand as guardians over the island. The view of these majestic peaks surrounded by mist and clouds is simply awe-inspiring. As you get closer, the fringes of Bali’s golden beaches come into view, lapped by gentle waves, inviting you to unwind in this idyllic paradise.

Bali is a visual feast, an encounter with nature’s splendor, and an introduction to the island’s rich cultural heritage. It’s a reminder that you’re about to embark on an unforgettable adventure in one of the world’s most enchanting destinations.


Flight Leader:

Airport: CGK [WIII] - DPS [WADD]

Date: 05.11.2023

Server: Expert

ATC: Expect to be available

Pushback Time: 08:40 AM (Jakarta) / 0140 zulu


Flight Level: FL370

Speed step: 250kts - 290kts - M 0.78

V/S: 2500 - 2000 - 1500


  • Spawn 15 minute before Push Back Time
  • Give a 5-7 NM spacing when departing
  • Follow all ATC Instructions
  • Keep the professionalism or you will be given a violation
  • Give a 15-20 NM spacing at Cruising altitude

Reply this Thread with the Gate of your choice, and don’t forget to provide your IFC Username.

The committee will immediately answer your reply and will enter your name into the Gate of your choice.

Terminal 2 E
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
E11 Lion Air B739 Public
E12 Lion Air B739 Public
E21 Lion Air B739 Public
E31 Lion Air B739 Public
E32 Lion Air B739 Public
E41 Lion Air B739 @Ghailan_Daffasya
E42 Lion Air B739 Public
E51 Lion Air B739 Public
E52 Lion Air B739 @Wildan_Aviation
E61 Lion Air B739 Public
E62 Lion Air B739 @Albert_Christian
E71 Lion Air B739 @Maruboru_1
E72 Lion Air B739 @Raihan_Yudanto
Terminal 3 International || Apron G
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
G11 Philippines Airlines A321 @IFPHGOFFICIAL
G12 Cebu Pacific A321 @IFPHG_Grey_453PR
G13 Philippines Airlines A321 @IFPHG_RAFFY
G14 Cebu Pacific A321 @IFPHG_Ashura
G15 Philippines Airlines A321 @IFPHG-Nilou
G17 Cebu Pacific A321 @IFPHG_Lance_Lee
G18 Philippines Airlines A321 @IFPHG_Gigajed
G21 Philippines Airlines A321 @jaypzs
G22 Philippines Airlines A321 Leandro Doloroso
G24 Philippines Airlines A321 Ronnie Telimban
G25 Philippines Airlines A321 Mic Berredo
G27 Cebu Pacific A321 Allen Jester Velza
G28 Philippines Airlines A321 Adrian H. Tapion Jr.
G31 Philippines Airlines A321 John Kenneth Puno
G32 Philippines Airlines A321 Bon Alfred Dulay Lotilla
G34 Philippines Airlines A321 Rick Jethro L. Pangilinan
Terminal 3 Domestic || Apron G
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
G35 Garuda Indonesia B738 Public
G37 Garuda Indonesia B738 @Shelgon
G38 Garuda Indonesia B738 @Jk_Cado
G41 Garuda Indonesia B738 @Capt_Fadhil_AR
G42 Garuda Indonesia B738 @JO_AVIATION
G44 Garuda Indonesia B738 @Instgram_Gilang.Pict
G45 Garuda Indonesia B738 @rulizalhafizh
G47 Garuda Indonesia B738 @Josuatinambunan
G48 Garuda Indonesia B738 Public
G51 Garuda Indonesia B738 @Elvin_Amadeus
G52 Garuda Indonesia B738 Public
G54 Garuda Indonesia B738 Public
G55 Garuda Indonesia B738 Public
G57 Garuda Indonesia B738 Public
G58 Garuda Indonesia B738 @ADI_RADIFAN
G59 Garuda Indonesia B738 @emhaap
G61 Garuda Indonesia B738 Public
G62 Garuda Indonesia B738 @TuuAvvgekk
Terminal 3 Remote || Apron R
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
R81 Philippines Airlines A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R82 Cebu Pacific A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R83 Philippines Airlines A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R84 Cebu Pacific A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R85 Philippines Airlines A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R86 Cebu Pacific A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R87 Philippines Airlines A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R88 Cebu Pacific A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R89 Philippines Airlines A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R91 Cebu Pacific A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R92 Philippines Airlines A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R93 Cebu Pacific A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R94 Philippines Airlines A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R95 Cebu Pacific A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R96 Philippines Airlines A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R97 Cebu Pacific A321 Reserved For Philippines Group
R98 Philippines Airlines A321 Reserved for Philippines Group
R99 Cebu Pacific A321 Reserved For Philippines Group

Organization IFC Discord
Indonesia @TuuAvvgekk putubrandon1
Philippines @IFPHG_Pajar jonaspajar


can’t wait for this event


I didn’t expect IFFI to get to this point and I am very proud because this summit event will be Infinite Flight Indonesia’s biggest event. Thank you all for your support and I hope this event runs smoothly.

Safe flight and terima kasih!


Lets goo!!!


amazing event, thank you for making me the Flight Leader of this event. Proud!! 😍


On behalf of the IFPHG we are also proud and happy to join with you this even will not be happen without you thank you for allowing me to become a coordinator of the IFPHG

We are looking forward for more partnership.

On behalf of the IFPHG Family
Mabuhay !!
Thank you for joining and inviting us for this summit

Best Regards,

IFPHG Moderator


E72 | Lion air B739 please:)


Gate E72 Is Now For You!
Thank you for your interest with this event!

Putu Brandon
IFFI Vice Chairman 2


Terima Kasih! @IF_Indonesia

Thank you for the opportunity to fly with IFFI 🤝
Mabuhay! 🇵🇭 🤝 🇮🇩


Big shout out to all participants for a group flight nicely done!

I was the IFATC Ground & Tower controller at Denpasar, Bali, (DPS/WADD) and enjoyed watching the group flight arrive into Denpasar, one aircraft at a time, & taxi to the terminal. Everyone flew professionally and it was a pleasure providing you with Ground & Tower ATC service.

Keep up the good work!

[My profile photo is from Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali, Indonesia]



Alhamdulillah, the IFSEA Indonesia Summit 2023 event was successfully held with a total of 50 pilot departures and arrivals reported. With a very short period of time, the Infinite Flight Committee for Indonesia and the Philippines succeeded in completing all preparations from operations to the implementation date. On behalf of IFFI, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the pilots who participated in IFSEA this year. See you at IFSEA Summit 2024.

Raihan Yudanto | Chairman


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