Infinite Flight incompatible with device

Don’t know where to put this.
I used to play Infinite Flight and was thinking of getting pro. However I deleted it one day and then went to reinstall it and sadly it’s incompatible with my device. It was and still is one of my favorite flight sims. But because my device is a 32bit it may be ages before I get the new bit version to play it.

Sorry about that! We do unfortunately need to update our minimum requirements to be able to keep improving Infinite Flight.

You should still have access to the old version for the foreseeable future, and hopefully we’ll see you back in the 3D skies one day when you upgrade your device :)

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I am impressed by the images on how well it looks. Keep up the good work! I can’t get the old version from Google Play anymore on my device. I look forward to coming back when I do upgrade my device:)

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