Infinite flight in 32bits

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Hello, good night all. My question will be brief. I recently installed IF on a 32-bit Android device and 3D airports do not appear even the new 330-300. Does anyone know if this will ever have a solution? Or that you at least allow the use of the 330-300 as is the case with the 777-300. Thanks!


you should have a 64-bit proccessor unfortunately

Infinite Flight has officially stopped support for 32 bit beginning with the 21.1 update, and all updates since would have required you to use a 64 bit capable device. Unfortunately for you, as the A330-300 came with the 21.4 update, you would not be able to have it on your phone as a result of being only 32 bit capable. There is no solution, and I don’t think there will be as far as the developers are concerned.

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ifyou want more information
check out this link

Will the game stop working on these devices? …

No it will not. All that you will experience is that you would be stuck on 20.3 and not more than that.


For the time being, no. However the developers have not confirmed whether they plan to continue supporting 32-bit devices on version 20.3 in the long term.

Any updates from 21.x will no longer be supported on 32-bit devices. Infinite Flight now requires a device with a 64bit processor and Android 7.0 or newer.

Visit the thread below for more information:


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