Infinite Flight IFATC Schedule not showing up

Ok so my device is not showing the IFATC schedule?!

You may have unpinned it.

it has been unpinned probably… maybe one of the Mods can repin it

Still globally pinned for me. But you can unpin it for yourself, probably that‘s what @MJP_27 did.

You can pin it again yourself

It’s like at the top there is a lock and a pin. You just click the pin again and it should remain at the top :)


weird, its not there for me and I haven’t unpinned it 🤔

You might have muted it by accident.


might be a device problem on my side, on my phone it was gone, on the iPad its there lol…

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Please look in atcschedule tag.

When the pin down means it’s pinned. When the pin is up it’s un-pinned when you refresh the page it won’t appear. Maybe you clicked by accident

Ok let me see if it works

Ok it worked! Mods you can close this now!