Infinite Flight IFATC Event @ Berlin Airports - 250600ZMAR20

Welcome to our very first IFATC themed event! For this event, we thought we would head to Berlin to catch a glimpse of the historic city below. This event focuses on ATC procedures, from arrival, all the way down to taxi routes and parking gates. Each procedure is a real-life STAR, and aircraft fly them into each airport daily.

EDDT and EDDB are the two current Berlin airports that are operational. These both have STARs leading to an ILS approach. EDDI is the old Berlin airport, and so the approach is a visual one. If airport conditions are below visual requirements, this airport will be shut down temporarily until conditions improve.

Please make sure your flight plans either end at the start of, or include, the STAR for the airport and runway you want. The linked document at the bottom of this topic sets out each STAR clearly and defines what airport and runway it is for.

Event Specifics

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Any
Livery: Any

IFATC Event Hours:

Begin - Wednesday 25th March @ 06:00 ZULU

End - Thursday 26th March @ 06:00 ZULU

March 25, 2020March 26, 2020


EDDB Berlin Schoenefeld
EDDI Berlin Templelhof
EDDT Berlin Tegel


No flying between any Berlin airports
All aircraft must fly the STAR into any Berlin airport
Pilots may be ghosted without warning for not flying the STAR or adhering to IFATC instruction
All STARs are active at all times, even if orange

STAR Routes

VIBIS ILS Runway 08L/08R

VIBIS between FL170 and Fl120 max 280 KT
LANUM between FL140 and Fl100 max 250 KT
DT600 at or above 4000 max 220 KT
DT605 at or above 3000
LIGBA/REGBA FAF at or above min 170 KT

RENKI ILS Runway 26L/26R

RENKI between FL130 and FL100 max 250 KT
DT740 between FL100 and FL70
DT760 at or above 3000 max 200 KT
LABOX FAF at or above 3000 min 170 KT

GENTI Visual Runway 09L/09R

GENTI at 5000 max 200 KT
PENEK at 4000
KLX35 at 3000 max 180 KT
DT540 FAF at or below 2000 max 160 KT

GILAS Visual Runway 27L/27R

GILAS at 5000 max 200 KT
DT445 at 3000
DT442 at 2000
DT705 FAF at or below 2000 max 160 KT

KLF ILS Runway 07L/07R

KLF at FL90
DODAT at 220KT
PIKOV FAF at or above 3000 (07L)

ATGUP ILS Runway 25L/25R

ATGUP at or below FL120
DB440 at 200 KT
LILKI FAF at or above 3000 (25R)

Basic STAR and TFR Tutorial

A STAR is a Standard Terminal Arrival Route. These are set routes that aircraft take to fly into an airport.

A TFR is a Temporary Flight Restriction. These are restrictions based mainly on height, speed, or airport requirements. You will see large ones of these over each airport. These are the red or orange circles on the map.

We also use TFRs to show the STAR routes. You can see the start of the STAR by the slightly larger TFR. If you follow the TFR route from there, you will fly the STAR!

Each STAR waypoint is defined by the fix or VOR. At most of these, you will have an altitude and speed restriction.

To find this information, click on each red TFR circle, then click on the pop up that comes up. This is where you will find all the information in-app.

Please see the official event document below. This is given to IFATC for this event and explains all the airport procedures and STARs in full:


This looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see it in action, thanks Misha and co.!


This looks like a really cool idea! I’m sure it will be popular because most of us are stuck at home right now


Awesome stuff


I’ve gotta admit, I’m really liking the top banner. Hope to see it more often.


This seems a bit confusing to me.
I think I’ve seen a video about this before, but if can someone clarify that would be appreciated. So what I do, is I get a flightplan to one of the airports. Then before I depart, I put these waypoints into my FPL to lead me to the runway. When I am near arrival, I follow each waypoint, making sure I am at the designated Altitude and Speed?

this video specifically


This looks awesome, amazing work everyone who put this together! :)

Yes, exactly that. Follow ATC instructions though if they need to intervene.


This event looks amazing! I’m so excited to actually see real-life procedures in Infinite Flight! Finally!

@Ecoops123, what’s wrong with that? I don’t understand.

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THIS CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH! Always follow ATC direction unless it is unsafe to do so.


Really cool event😎 But as a pilot I’m kinda scared with these bunch of TFR and notams🥶


Read the document! It explains it well. IFATC will be using the normal controlling methods, but then vectoring aircraft down each approach!


Will ATC clear me for the arrival? Like the video said, clear for the TEHAS arrival… so that I can start descending? Or will there be a command saying that I am following it… Sorry for the many questions, this event just seems very interesting and I really want to participate, but it is also scaring me, I don’t want to be ghosted haha

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You can only descend if you are cleared by IFATC. If there is no active frequency, you must fly the approach based on the altitude and speed restrictions!


Just little question, if there isn’t an approach controller and if I pass KLF at 9000ft, after that can I decent at my own discretion?

Yes. I believe that the FAF is at 3000, so you would go down to 3000 at your own time. You need to check the approach all the way through, then gauge what altitude you need to be at by the next waypoint that has a restriction. In this case it is quite simple!


Ok thank you very much😊


It is time to queue the Berlin Brandenburg jokes


Definitely flying into Templelhof 100%, my favorite German Airport. I’ll certainly be studying the TFRs, SIDS, and STARS later today, see all of y’all in Berlin!

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I already have my schedule for tomorrow planned out - this is gonna be fun!

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I’m kind of scared, so i’m going to start practicing these STARS today xD

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