Infinite Flight | Iberia Flight from Porto to Madrid Airbus A321 Cinematic Timelapse

Hello folks!

So I basically did a flight two weeks ago and I made some edits on them and made a cinematic time lapse lol. Probably because I don’t have a pro subscription (I am broke lol), I did a flight with the iberia a321 from Porto to Madrid. A very pleasant route, am I right? (especially for non-pro users :DD)
This video is of course, inspired by the all known and famous virtual spotter @Kostas_K who makes awesome IF content. Why not give him a sub to his channel as well?
Anyway click in the link below, and enjoy.
You will love those a321 sounds :D

Alright have a great night I guess.


Thanks for sharing! Happy that my videos inspired you :) Keep it up!


Thank you :)