Infinite Flight : Hot Pursuit

Hey IF Team and fellow sim pilots!

Sharing a fun story of the day. Started out earlier today by spreading my wings in a F-14 with the plan to escort some aircraft and have a good screenshot of the same. I noticed a 777 at FL 340 with the destination of Taiwan’s Taoyuan Intl…but flying way past it…by the time I took off from VHXX it already was south-east of Hong Kong still cruising at 340, so gave it chase to see if it was deliberate. It narrowly missed a Thai 777 headed to Tokyo also at FL340 . Despite being at level and close to the aircraft, got no response (so my guess would be the pilot was fast asleep?). Would have kept following but had to return and make a fuel emergency landing at VMMC.

Maybe next time ask the person if they want an escort, because some people don’t like escort. Unless you did.


Was this expert server?

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Tbh, I like the idea, the person was AFK and he overran his destination, in a real world scenario, wouldn’t use send a fighter or 2 to see what’s up? Yes know he most likely overslept But if you’d like to do this, do it on Casual

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Yes, sorry. Will take care to do that :)

Yes this was

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