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I love this game 👍🏽 But Just then the game restarted and I have been flying for 16 hours straight and the game just automatically restarted By it’s self please help me and see if you could help fix it.

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Hi there, Infinite Flight wouldn’t conduct a restart on its own. There had to be something from the device to influence this. Did your device heat up or did you run out of battery power?

Sometimes my IF would crash on me if I encountered a lot of traffic all of a sudden sometimes? Do you think that may have happened?

Ok 👍🏽The device wasn’t overly heated. I was 1 hour away from Miami and suddenly went to my home screen 🤷‍♂️ If that didn’t happen I would be up to 100 flight hours 🙍🏼‍♂️

There’s a good chance that you ran out of memory (aircraft that aren’t downloaded on your device will download when approaching a busy area) or you had too many background apps running then if you are certain the device didn’t overheat. I’ve only experienced this issue one time after leaving my iPad in the car with the sun beating on it.

Did the device restart or did the app crash sending you back to the home screen?

This happened to me twice when I was streaming and my phone wasent overheated or anything but it was laggy causing a unexpected restart and crash

Did your phone restart or did the game just crash

This is almost same that I experienced about 5 days ago, departing from MIA to GRU. when it’s pretty close to the goal, unfortunately my device automatically restarted.
On the night before leaving (because it was an overnight flight) I forgot to restart the device

What device do you guys use?

This is off topic and you know it. Stop complaining. It’s your fault for getting more violations than landings. IF is a sim, and quite frankly I don’t want people who have more violations than landings on the Training Server.

As Cpt. TC said, remain on-topic.
Just to tell you: Landings do count on the casual server too. A lot of people do patterns on the casual server to get a lot of landings and XP in a short of amount of time,.