Infinite Flight has no sound

The sound has suddenly disappeared on Infinite Flight. I made sure my volume was up in game and on the phone, and then I deleted and re-installed the application, and I still have no sound.

I use an iphone 6s with more than enough storage and RAM.

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It sounds like you have the phone muted.
Check the little mute-switch located on the top left side of your device :)


If you cannot hear any sounds coming from your iPhone, even if the ringer is enabled, then you may need to restart your device. Happens to me rarely on my iPad and had to restart it.

Schyllberg, you smart. Issue solved.

What I want to know is - why are other apps still able to produce sound with the ringer off?

It depends on the app. I have many who can’t, but there’s also ones that do. It’s one of the many mysteries in the world 🤷‍♂️

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