Infinite Flight Group

I want to fly airplane group at infinite flight. I like it

Go to the search bar and search Virtual airline it should come up with plenty! Also this has been asked many times before so please search before posting.

And also if you like to see many other planes or fly the same route as them stay tuned for any Events coming up. They will be posted in live-events.
Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum! As been mentioned keep an eye on the events pages as they are occurs frequently. Infinite Flight host the Friday Night Flights and both IFWP and IFFG host weekly events as do many other teams. :-)

Since everyone seems to be able to host events in places, am I able to host a mass flight?

You’re a new member here so welcome!
Before you can post in event, you need to become a TL2 user (member). If you create a original and well organized event you may have some people coming :-)

You can create a post asking people to fly with you at the current time in the #live category or wait until you reach TL2 (Member) on the forum to create organised events :)