Infinite Flight Group Flights

  • Boeing 777-300ER: <Aeroflot


  • June 18, 19-8:30AM / 8:30 Volgograd Oblast Time Zone:

  • Training:

  • You must be grade to to enter this flight! There is no sign-up, you just join 10 MINUTES before the actual flight starts:

This isn’t a flyout, it’s a group flight. Changed it for you.

Thank you, would you like to join

Hey! Please make sure your time in in Zulu (GMT) time and your title is in line with the requirements. See here;

No thanks. It’s 10:57pm. If I’m going to do one, I’d like it to be a long haul.

Also because it’s on Training

I can change the route from Moscow to New York City

Not long enough. I’ll search for an airport that’s 12+ hours away.

And, if you are Grade 1 I can change it to casual.


I’m a Grade 3. Would you like to fly to KLAX?

Yes sure but I am Grade 2…

That’s ok. I’m fine with going to KLAX if you are.

Ok, can we do Training server though

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Yes. I’ll create a PM. Shall we depart in about 20-30 minutes?

Or do you just want to go now, it dosn’t seem as many people want to perticipate

I wish I could join but I have school tomorrow:(

I’ll post in a Slack server, we could get more people that way.

Wait so you guys do school during summer vacation!!!

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Alright sounds good, do you want to be gates by each other or separate, I can go arrange gates now, let us talk over private message, let me send a letter so you are marked and I don’t have to search.

Yep we don’t get out until July 19th