Infinite Flight Group Flight Event To Seattle!

So I was wondering if anyone would be interested flying with me all the way up to Seattle from Denver but with a stop in Yellowstone/Bozeman airport in Montana. If a lot of people want to join me we will start tomorrow (hopefully in the open BETA) and we can do at least one of the legs and maybe another one on Tuesday. I can maybe try to get IFATC for the event if its busy. Let me know if this sounds interesting to you guys!

Legs 1:
Leg 2:

Hey mate,

Please be sure to read up on the category rules for the #live:groupflights category which I’ve linked below:

Group flights must follow the correct title format and also be posted within 3 hours of the group flight commencing.

Thanks for the understanding mate! :)

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I changed it.

You still have not meet the criteria for a group flight. As @Declan_O said above must take place within 3 hours of departure. I recommend asking the mods to close this and post the group flight at a more appropriate time.

Ok I just changed it I just want peoples opinions of the event it is not taking place today I want to have the 3D buildings at the airports or at least most of them so I’m trying to wait for BETA tomorrow.

Check out highlighted post