Infinite Flight Ground Vehicles Confirmed

I loaded into Mallorca tonight to fly and I got to be the follow me vehicle in the Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 for the new IF Ground Vehicle!

LEPA-KJFK//Lufthansa Cargo MD-11//IF username- Capt Riley IFAET


He was just zipping around and finally ATC asked for intentions and he said “Ready to taxi” then ATC made him takeoff which he then came back in and played ground vehicle again 😂 Whoever did this thank you for the good laugh haha.


@anon28254084 please don’t tell me this is you…

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HAHAHAHAHAHha. haha. fullstop

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This is incredible and It should be on the expert server.

So hilarious 🤣👏👏👏

It was on the expert server

I mean as in it should used as a stop gap for actual airport vehicles. Until we get them of course.

I wish that there could actually be a point where this is is an able feature to use for us players, but instead of nipping around in your car for fun, if they could actually be select users who have been trained to do so and have the trust and responsibility to be able to direct professional flyers to their gate, and perform safety routines such as runway checks and taxiway checks. It would be so cool to see a little car nip round a roadway to guide you in and check that your path is clear and ready for action.

I know that it could be an AI thing in the long term future, and that this is a flight simulator, but I mean it’s the small things… come on, wouldn’t you love to drive around in Infinite Flight on the designated roadways around airports, having the massive heavies taxi right past you, I mean the size comparison!!! Just imagine communicating to ATC as a ground vehicle, and being able to drive down the runway to perform ‘checks’… 😍


Ah I see! Having ground vehicles would be a awesome feature and I myself hope to see it soon :)


I remember those grouflights where a VA member would be waiting with callsign and display name FOLLOWME and I just remember me taxiing through him yes it was on expert yes it was 100% on purpose but just did it for fun

It’s a funny idea! Not made for Screenshots and Videos though, I’m sorry :(