Infinite Flight Grades

Hey guys! I have a a question about the grades on infinite flight

What does that mean?

The one that is highlighted…

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Have a look at the topic below. It answers all your questions! 😊


Thanks Marc, but i do not understand the explanations of the things that is highlighted.

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@SkyTrail What one? Reports, violations?

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Reports are not available on the Casual server (the one you are on) violations are rules that have to be followed when you fly on the training and expert server. Flight Time is self explanatory it’s how much time you are in the air. A landing is when you touch down on the runway with no landing in the last 30 seconds with your back gear. Just look at the things in orange and get to that and then you can level up, good luck!


both… but its ok. i got an andwer. Thanks

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OH so the greens are completed while the oranges are not… thanks so much!!! makes my life so much easier

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Yes! The amounts shown for reports & violations is the maximum amount you are allowed to have for that grade. But you’re on 0 so you’re good :P

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