Infinite flight grades glitch


Infinite flight update glitch with grades in infinite flight I was at grade 2 when I got the update if you have problems ask for help

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Hey mate,

The image that you attempted to upload hasn’t uploaded properly. Are you able to try again please? I’m assuming it’s a picture of your grade table, as that would be handy in this situation.

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I fix the Image

Are you able to provide a screenshot of your actual grade table? You can access this by heading into settings in-app, and selecting “view stats”.

That way, it will allow us the opportunity to assist you further.

Thanks mate!

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I will get a screenshot

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I may be mistaken, but it looks like you need to have 5 total landings in 90 days. It looks like you only have 4 total landings. 1 more landing (so that you have 5 total landings in the past 90 days) and you should be golden!


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