Infinite flight grade 3

Hi, does enyone knows how long do I have to wait to be trade 3?

You should be able to go to your log book and see when you oldest violation within a year is.

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At the exact day and minute that you received your first violation 365 days ago, you will be back to grade 3. :)

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335 days ago

Then you will be grade 3 in 25 days

365 days :)

In 25 days


Yes because you needed to wait 360 days sense the last one

25 days! Good luck ;) try not to get another l3 violation!

It’s actually 30 days.

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Why would it be 30?

365-335 is 30, not 25.

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Duh IDK why I thought a year was 360 days

He is correct

It’s a lot of time

well 30 days hope to see you in the expert server in a month until then be on your best behavior so you get no violations.

I was just flying and then like 20min later I received a violation that does not even have a description

It says not specified

if it was a system violation there is unfortunately nothing that we can do sorry

The mods have said they will not be appealing/reversing any ghosts from 2019.