Infinite Flight Grade 2

1 Question. Do you have to land a touch and go at the same airport or somewhere different.

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Hello and welcome to the community I hope you enjoy it here,

You can land and takeoff from the same airport every time.

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Hi, welcome to the community. Yes, you can just continue to fly patterns at the same airport and it will still count as a landing for each touch and go.

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Welcome to the community! You can do short flight between airports, or patterns at the same airport, they both give you landings and flight time to get to your grade goal.

BTW, if you’re looking for quick XP and/or landings, I would try EGLL in an A318, in 20 minutes I got 4,000 xp and 30 landings on casual server.

just be in a f14 and do landings, its fun

Just an extra bit of info for you to grind landings:
A landing is counted every time one of your main landing gear wheels touches a runway, and there has not been another landing counter in the last 30 seconds.
So to get more landings all you need to do is fly patterns and to TnGs at the same airport.

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