Infinite Flight Goes Transatlantic! @CYHZ 291400ZSEP18


credit to @JT_Playz for photo

Server: Expert


Time: 1400Z

Aircraft: Any Infinite Flight Livery Airplane, If It Has the Legs!

Flightplan: 4503N06321W 4634N05711W 48N050W 50N040W 51N030W 52N020W LIMRI XETBO UNBEG UNBE2E


Flight Time: September 29, 2018 2:00 PMSeptember 29, 2018 8:30 PM This is approximate, flight time may vary

Climb Profile 2500 fpm to FL100 at 230 knots, 2000 fpm to FL270 at 300 knots, 1500 fpm to FL340 (cruise altitude) M0.78 cruise speed

Descent Profile: -1100 fpm until FL100 @ 320 knots (starts 150 miles out), you can descend at your own pace from there on

NOTAM: Spawn in 5-10 minutes early to get settled, no less than 5 miles separation from other aircraft

While this has been done before, I am making this event for everyone that wants to fly across the Atlantic, but only Infinite Flight Livery aircraft only.

Spots (many more available if more are interested, choose any gate but do not spawn on other aircraft)
Spot 1:
Spot 2:
Spot 3:
Spot 4:
Spot 5 :
Spot 6:
Spot 7:
Spot 8:
Spot 9:
Spot 10:
Spot 11:
Spot 12:
Spot 13:
Spot 14:
Spot 15: