Infinite Flight Global Samsung tablet S3

Hi guys. Anyone here running IF Global on a Samsung tablet S3 or any other Android tablet? If so can it handle the sim on High settings. I know that the sim runs brilliantly on the Ipad. But I’m more used to Android. I have no idea about apple products and I prefer Android. Any thoughts? Thanks guys.

If you find it here then yes you can get advice from other community members

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Okay, the Tab S3 should work awesomely great with Infinite Flight’s high processor demands, so you should be good if you’re considering it.

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I’ve had mixed luck with samsungs in the past. I am not familiar with the S3 though. I do see it on the list Matthew posted.

The biggest thing is to reboot your device prior, turn off background apps that steal bandwidth like twitter, facebook, and the forum, and remove any bloatware that is killing your CPU.


I just bought the Samsung S3 tablet last month (Costco often has deals on them, which is where I got mine). Everything runs perfectly on all of the highest settings. Battery is great as well. Highly recommend.

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Thanks Matthew. Much appreciated.

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I run IF in a Samsung tablet S3 and is and excellent choice. It runs perfectly with all settings at max.

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The S3 beats my Shield.

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