Infinite Flight Global: New York JFK- Istanbul Atatürk- Turkish Airlines 777-300ER (Timelapse)


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Sorry, I’m new to this account and accidentally posted without saying anything. Anyways this is just a time lapse I made from my flight yesterday from nyc to Istanbul. Hope everyone enjoys

Why you cruise 20,000 feet

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Most of the Flight was while I was sleeping and I didn’t want to get up 45 Mins before landing and decend an extra 15,000ft

The flying was not very professional…
But that aside, that is truly fascinating! I watched it all, great stuff. Just out of curiosity, you have a 9 hour video file on your device?


That hurts just thinking about it, taking up so much space on my device

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Yea lol I just got a new 64 gig iPhone but I’ve already deleted the full 9 hr video. By the time I was finished it took up almost 10 gigs of storage

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A famous Quote by Misha…

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20,000ft cruising altitude on a 10-hour flight?
Seems legit🤔

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