Infinite flight global issues

I am unable to retrieve the planes and destinations I have bought in the earlier version. And is there and offline version of this, like u don’t need a connection to play it? May I know how to do this?

You need an online connection to play and the app is very different to the previous version now so expect big changes.

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seems like I need to buy a new phone then?

What device do you have? Even if you do not have an active subscription and are limited to regions, I believe you still need a cellular or wifi connection to stream the terrain.

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xiaomi redmi note 3 …

Does your device support OpenGLES 3.0? Try pressing restore purchases or try to buy a subscription and click the ‘I already have a subscription’ button. If that doesn’t work, reinstall IF and restart your device. Hope it helps!

Is your device a wifi tablet or does it have cellular? I looked online and it looks like a tablet device.

Bottom line is you have to have a connection to play unfortunately. Sorry.

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