Infinite Flight Global General Aviation Airport Tracking Thread

Post all of your completed general aviation airports here! Please post airports that are known for having lots of GA traffic or hold allot of General Aviation aircraft only.

Rules: Do not request for an airport, if you want an airport done please join the airport editing team

This thread is to show love to the GA community, show our hard work to the smaller less known airports around infinite flight.


@brunocr98 , could you maybe put some of your lovely work here? Like your awesome job on YMRY?

I completed KANJ and CYAM.

I’ll get some pictures later…

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@Nathan completed my local airport, 7B2:

And I completed another GA airport, 4B9:

You can view the rest of the airports we have completed here:


All my work is posted in the original thread. This one is utterly useless and unnecessary.