Infinite Flight -> Global Flight (Rename it)

It was used as a name as you could fly in any region and not have to worry about the fuel

who told you that?

No one I just guessed

All I’m saying is it would be nice to hear from one of the founders why the name was chosen

It’s probably to show that the sim has endless possibilities and eventually in the future will be made to work much like real life.

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Nothing to do with fuel burn. Naming things is hard, especially when you have to deal with finding names that are simple, easy to remember and available as a domain name.

Laura was a big fan or the Flight Unlimited series (from Looking Glass), but despite not existig anymore we decided to not use the same name (unlike another flying game out there). IIRC the Infinite has some source there.

During our initial developement phase it was actually called “Infinite Runway”, glad we changed it :)


One could say that there is (soon to be) an Infinite number of places to fly to in the world. ;)

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Or keep it as “Infinite Flight” - for the version we have now.

“Infinite Flight Professional” for global and maybe a few extras bundled in.

Hi and welcome to the community! Your comment is off-topic. Every airport will be in global flight. However, nobody reworked it yet. Track its progress on GitHub! :)

Or as some of my less knowledgeable friends call it, “X-Flight”

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