Infinite flight global Crashing?

So on long haul flights infinite flight global seems to crash, It even happened just now after a 9 hour flight when I was 5 minutes away and on final. Is this an issue with global? Is anyone else getting this?


Yes a lot. It’s so annoying


This might have Been due again with server overload to many apps aswell running could have crashed your device because the servers are very packed atm

I had no other apps running, but it could be server overload

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I would have punched my screen if that happened to me. 9 hours and crashed on short final due to server issues? I shiver in sympathy.


Its happened 3 times already were i’ve gotton really close after 9 hours then it crashed, the first 2 I blamed on bad wifi but the third one I didn’t have bad wifi so I don’t know what happened

there is a lot more work to be done in the comeing months to get the game stable terrain wise and server wise but it’s going to be worth the wait !

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Hello! Thanks for reaching out to support!

In order for us to help you determine a solution for your issue, could you please provide the device and its OS (operating system) that you’re using? :)

Im using at I phone 5s… That might be it and I also need to update it to IOS 11.0.3 Now I wonder would it be that its a 5s or the fact that I need to update it

It dosnt happen on my iPad Air 2 (never) and I done a 13 hour flight with it.


My iPhone 6 crashed.

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Thanks for this information!

Because your device is on the lower side of the spectrum in terms of compatible devices with this new version, you may not have adequate resources on your device.

I recommend you do the following in order to have your device run at its full potential:

  • Close any applications that may be running in the background.
  • Lower your graphical settings.
  • Disable anti-aliasing via settings if activated.
  • Restart your device before flying.
  • Clear out your memory (RAM).

Please let us know if any of the above helps!

I am also using an iPhone 5s and running smoothly with no problems(I am using iOS 11.0.1).
Check that you have no other apps running and also make sure you have enough space on your phone >1GB memory. Reduce some settings as stated above by @Nathan

Turn down the graphics and display settings, If that does not work, restart the app and your device

Turining down Graphics and display settings will suck but if I have to I will.

Something that I may wanna add is I only really lag when on live mode, im not sure about crashing yet but Ill try to keep you updated if I can.

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I believe this has to do with (like others said, server overload), and device memory, I got a message saying it was low, or it couldn’t handle graphics, etc, and the game crashed 10mins later.

RIP didn’t realize anti alaizing was on, that might have been it. Keyword MIGHT

This is like the 10th one of these I have read. Clearly the crashing is a problem, and I know FDS is rapidly trying to solve it. No need to keep sharing that it is.