Infinite Flight Global Community Summit @ KSFO - 272100ZOCT18

Logo by @Nate_Schneller

Welcome to the second Infinite Flight Global Community Summit! The first one, hosted by @Nate_Schneller in the Facebook group Infinite Flight Fan Group last year was very successful, so I decided to bring it to the forums this year as well.

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the monumental update that significantly changed Infinite Flight, Global, this Community Summit will involve pilots taking off from airports around the world, and landing at a single airport in one great gathering, which will be KSFO. The arrival time will be between 2045Z-2130Z, however try to arrive as close to 2100Z as you can.

Server: Expert (I understand some may be disappointed with the server choice, but this gives you plenty of time to work yourself up to Grade 3)

Airport: KSFO

Time: 2100Z (2:00 PM PDT, 5:00 PM EDT, 9:00 PM GMT)


  • PLAN AHEAD. It is up to you to determine your flight, flight plan, what time to leave, amount of fuel, etc. If you have any questions or need any help, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • VA’s/VO’s are also welcome to attend, please message me or @Nate_Schneller if your VA/VO is interested in attending.
  • Parking is based on aircraft size. Please don’t try and squeeze your A321 into a GA spot, or your Citation X into an A380 spot.
  • Ghosting will be enforced, so please don’t fly like a banshee or attempt to land on a non-in-use runway.
  • Please maintain a minimum of 3NM spacing when approaching the airport.
  • Event description/time is subject to change.
  • Take screenshots and have a great time!

We hope to see you there!

Event Host: @RTG113
Event Co-Host: @Nate_Schneller


Oh dear! I think I missed it :(

I would love to come but it was held last year? Hope to see this year’s event. Maybe it will be held at KSJC! XD


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This is this years event 😜

Ik but look at the title! XD

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Oh… oops
Thanks for pointing that out

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Oh! The event is actually this year? I didn’t know that! XD

I guess I’ll be flying some Southwest Airlines flight to KSFO!

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I can’t come sorry Im busy (flying an A320 :))

Btw why aren’t you doing this event on the 11th of October (the date Global was released)?

I wanted some more advance notice. I would’ve done it the Saturday after but I won’t be around

What happened to american 85 13? he aborted takoeff.

I’m going to start working toward expert now!!

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I think you’re in the wrong topic lol

Oh yeah, it was supossed to be in The KORD landing competiton thread lol.

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