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What’s up pilots

I’ve been wondering and looking around on the Community for any sort of Infinite Flight checklist. I mean I have found some, but those were all made for pre-Global. With fuel burns and engine start/stop, I guess they may need some reworking. Does anyone know any checklists that have been made for the new update? If you do, share it here as it would be (I guess) useful for all pilots if they do need it!

i like this spoiler thing

This is a checklist (some aren’t accurate) but right now that’s the only one I could find for all aircraft checklists. Also until the staff posts an actual working checklist for all aircrafts, I recommend going on the thread and search different topics (as they might be good use to you)


I use an app called IF Checklists. I know that it is on Google Play, but not sure about Apple.

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It’s not on Apple. A new version is coming soon. The developer is @Adrien

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