Infinite Flight Global, Beginner

Welcome to Global! Glad you could have the delight of purchasing a pro subscription! I began playing Infinite Flight from 2014, then got a subscription in February 2019, and haven’t had Sunday without it since. It’s an outstanding experience from when you purchase Pro.

I’d suggest taking a look at Community Tutorials as you make your way up the game, learning the essentials to flying online, and as you make it to the Training and Expert Server, learning how to cooperate with Air Traffic Control, and abide by the system restrictions which are shown below, this applies to the Training Server and Expert Server. Also if you aren’t aware, everyone can control on the Training Server, so service may not be at best, but on the Expert Server controllers are trained and take exams to control, working together as a team to provide the best service.

Taken from the ATC Manual

The User Guide is a great say to learn how to fly, alongside using ATC, with in built video tutorials it comes in super handy. Trust me it will surprise you how much you don’t actually know about the game and how to fly in it when you start reaching the two higher servers 😅, it happens to us all. If you have any questions extra don’t be afraid to ask the community, or feel free to PM me, my inbox is always open and I’m regularly active.

It may depend what other aircraft are downloaded locally on your device, if it’s a newer aircraft itll tend to take a while to download and spawn in. This should reduce over time. You can go into Settings > Live > Aircraft Count, to change the amount of aircraft that will spawn in based on their distance to you in game. The more aircraft, the more pressure the game puts on the gameplay quality. Aircraft tend to show within a range of about 10nm and start from the closest to you.

And finally, a few notes for realistic flying, if you’re looking for a real commercial route to fly, I’d extremely suggest taking a look at to find a real route, airline, and flight number. I also use Flightradar24 to find the flight information. Without a subscription it is difficult with the current aviation situation.

When creating a long IFR flight plan I’d also take a look at Infinite Flight FPL Converter, which will provide global flight plans, and tell you the amount of fuel to use in each aircraft you select, alongside the expected flight time If you follow the Mach speed shown, where the time will usually be about 15 minutes accurate either way longer or shorter than shown.

Apologies for the super long lecture, but I hope I can make your experience in flying a lot better! I can’t believe I spent 30 minutes typing and linking useful sites with this 😳