Infinite Flight Global - BA Cityflyer E190 - San Sebastian to London City -


Today I will be flying from a little known airport located in on the spanish side for the border with France(Fun fact: the border with france is roughly meters away from Runway 22 - as seen in the image below)

Until recently, only 2 flights operated withVueling and Iberia Express (to Barcelona and Madrid respectively), however, starting in the 10th of July, BA will be operating seasonal flights from the infamous London city, so what better way to virtually inaugurate this route with a short time-lapse.

Flight Details:

Airline: BA Cityflyer
Aircraft: Embraer E-190
Departure: San Sebastian (Spain) - Runway 22
Arrival: London City Airport (🇬🇧) - Runway 27


This was an AMAZING video! Thanks for sharing! I have subbed :)

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