Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread

There’s a bit of a backstory to editing this airport.

I reported to a supervisor that I couldn’t spawn at HTZA with a 787 (even though irl it serves an A350). Surprisingly, they actually offered me to rework the airport entirely which came out of nowhere

Well, rejoice now because you can spawn there with an A350 in the next update.

Screenshot (613)

Main Ramp

Screenshot (615)


Guess what, Infinite Flyers:
Today I haven’t got one, not even two, but three new airports to share. I’m happy I can find a bit of free time to be productive in airport editing.

YGLA - Gladstone Airport - Australia

Really cool regional airport located on the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. Great for both commercial and GA flying in a sunny, warm climate.


ENSN - Skien Geiteryggen Airport - Norway

I have a soft spot for norwegian regional airports in my heart and Skien is no exception despite no scheduled commercial flights. It is located in southern Norway on top of a plateau so it allows for some scenic approaches as pretty much every airport in the country. Many, many more of these are coming!


EDLP - Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport - Germany

Last but not least is this regional/minor international german airport serving the citys of Paderborn and Lippstadt. It’s not as popular as the larger airports of the area like EDDL (Düsseldorf) and EDDK (Cologne-Bonn), but totally worth checking out.

With the complete overhaul I made, it now supports Heavy Jets such as the 767 or even larger, which makes it an ideal alternative to the much more congested airports I mentioned above.




WIPB - Silampari Airport - Indonesia

Silampari Airport is Located in Lubuk Linggau , South Sumatera , Indonesia


URMM - Mineralnyye Vody, Russia


Nice airport fellow editor

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I’ve got one more airport to share before the next airport and navigation update, coming very, very soon ;)

KROA - Roanoke/Blacksburg Regional Airport - USA (Virginia)

Being located in a valley on the eastern end of the Appalachians in Virginia, this regional airport serving the cities of Roanoke and Blacksburg is surrounded by mountainous terrain in all directions. Thus it allows for some really interesting approaches while also demanding some of your piloting skills. It only serves a handful of domestic commercial destinations, but also features large facilities for GA flying, which makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the scenic surrounding region.


Be sure to check it out and enjoy!


Recently, I finished my first major US regional airport:

Des Moines International (KDSM)

The redo of this airport was strongly suggested by a colleague of mine, and I went for it.

Screenshot (620)

New Terminal Area

Cargo Apron

National Guard Ramp

It’s always satisfying to see the work you’ve done after 😃


I’ll make sure I try to get a flight or two from here!

Great work! 😍

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Being out of work got me very productive in airport editing, so I thought it’s time to showcase some new airports I could finish throughout the last 2 weeks. Enjoy!

PAFA - Fairbanks International Airport - Alaska - USA

First and foremost, perhaps the most interesting airport of the bunch for most of you: Fairbanks, Alaska! This fascinating place is a one hour flight north of Anchorage, located just south of the arctic circle. This is an absolute gem of an airport, being used by heavy cargo freighters, commercial airplanes, GA Props and seaplanes alike. While we cannot experience what it’s like to land on water in Infinite Flight, you have countless GA spawn points to choose from on the eastern half of the airport. I also included grass/gravel taxiways that go just to the edge of the water pond shore, where you can park your XCub or Skyhawk at. This is the closest you can get to the real thing.


Also here’s the direct comparison to the X-Plane Blueprint file / what we currently have:

ENMS - Mosjøen / Kjærstad Airport - Norway

Nothing beats norwegian regional airports, so here’s another one.


ENRA - Mo i Rana / Rossvoll Airport - Norway

… and another one. As I said, I have a soft spot for Norway in my heart.


KHTS - Huntington Tri-State Regional Airport / Milton J. Ferguson Field - West Virginia - USA

Regional airport serving the town of Huntington, WV. It’s located on a plateau and has really cool approaches over the valleys around it, which was interesting enough to give it a facelift.


KLBE - Latrobe / Arnold Palmer Regional Airport - Pennsylvania - USA

Located just a small hop and one state farther to the northeast in Southwestern Pennsylvania is Latrobe Regional Airport, mainly known for being the place Spirit Airlines outsourced some of its Pittsburgh flights to. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a smaller airport for your next US domestic flight.


LFMH - Saint-Étienne–Bouthéon Airport - France

I don’t have anything interesting to share with you about this airport. It does have some cool approach procedures due to terrain, which is nothing uncommon among regional airports in southern France.


LJPZ - Portoroz Airport - Slovenia

Last, but certainly not least is Portoroz, Slovenia. Don’t let its size fool you, this small airfield does have some cool things up its sleeve. It’s located in a river valley just next to the border with Croatia. So either you’re up to a challenging steep or circling approach to avoid terrain when approaching runway 33 or you’re flying along a bay until just before short final for runway 15, slowly descending into the valley the airport is located in. Whichever way you go for, you’re up for a treat!

Being located in the warm, mediterannean climate, while still being in proximity to the southern end of the Alps, this is (at least where I live) a well-known destination for a weekend trip among GA pilots. Give it a go!



Great work, those look simply fantastic!

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This airport is currently in OR and should be ready for the next update. I started this airport in October, but imagery became outdated and I had to wait for more. Started it up again this month and now it’s about done! This airport is my largest one yet, and was completely redone from scratch. Hope y’all enjoy it!

OIII (Tehran Mehrabad International Airport)

Apron 1

Aprons 2 & 3

Apron 4


South Military Apron

West Military Apron


ENRK Rakkestad

This airport will come in next airport update.

Whole airport


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… and now for something completely different …

OBKS Sakhir Airbase Bahrain

Well know for all GP Fans.


Very good my friend Very good work!

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Finally, an update coming soon on PAFA! I’ve been waiting for this for sometime.

I present you two airports:

Chicago Rockford (KRFD)

Fun fact: Chicago Rockford was the very first issue cataloged on the AET Github, back in Jan 1st, 2015!

Cargo Area

Terminal and Center General Aviation Area

Spokane (KGEG)

Screenshot (621)

You can now do a realistic Boeing test flight and do Touch-and-goes.

Terminal Area

Cargo Area

Screenshot (625)


Columbia Metropolitan - KCAE
Airport is located in South Carolina

Reworked Terminal

KCAE is hub for UPS

UPS Apron includes 3 stands for B747.


Heyo! Not uploaded to here in a while so here’s what to expect from me in the next update for EGPD.

EGPD - Aberdeen Dyce


Helicopter Aprons and Hangars

Main Apron, Charlie Apron and Bristow Apron


one for the ones seeking for a scenic challenging Approch:

VILH Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport / Leh Airbase India

23rd highest airport in the world acourding to wikipedia at 10,682 ft

near by bonus track

Daulat Beg Oldi ALG, elevation 16,700 ft, pavement dirt, nothing to add for those familiar with challenges.


Hannover has not been edited for nearly 4 years! So I decided to edit it from scratch. I hope you enjoy!

Main Apron, Cargo Apron and GA