Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


Currently only B19 and B23 are on the airport ground charts so that’s what I went by. There were not enough lines on the ground to place the gates manually according to realism so to avoid a wrong gate layout - I left it and drew only the 2 active B gates. If I get more information later on, the other old gates might be added (especially if more airlines start using them)


Hey anyone know if DCA is edited? Not a request I’m just asking.


Yep. In fact, it just got a revamp for the next Scenery Update.


Ah thanks, I knew I saw it somewhere.


DXXX-Lomé–Tokoin International Airport

Re-did the main international airport of Togo in Africa.

Entire Airport

Unique Turnaround on Runway 22

Aeroclub Apron


General Aviation Apron


Main Terminal Area

The south asphalt section is the older terminal that is still in use today, but the northern concrete section is a new terminal that was opened in 2016 with a capacity for 2 million passengers, with a unique A340 service from Air France.

Northern Apron


KSUN - Friedman Memorial Airport (Sun Valley)





ENBR Flesland-Bergen Airport

Redone, including new Terminal, GA Area, and Flesland Air Station



GA Area:

De-Ice Pad, and Heli Apron (Terminal 1)

Apron N, Terminal 2, new Terminal 3, and Apron S: