Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


Nate this looks outstanding!


OAHR Herat Airport Afghanistan



North: Civil Apron




some minor Afghan Airfields:

OADY Dwyer:

OAFR Farah no pic

OASD Shindand Airbase:

OATN Tereen no pic


VEPI Pakyong, India

challenging airport at 4638ft MSL on the side of a Hill.

special for @TheRealPocketRishi

FPPR Príncipe Airport - Sao Tome et Principe

@Tommy_Botts without prejudice to further complaints


hi has incheon international airport terminal 2 been added to the game?


Unfortunately not, but we are aware of this issue for a while and have to wait for better imagery to resolve it. Thanks for your patience.



KBRD Brainerd Lakes Regional, Brainerd MN

A nice little regional airport in north-central Minnesota, served by Delta Connection. It also has many hangars and a nice little FBO.


I’m curious if you all would ever add Cuidad Real Airport? (LERL)? I know it’s abandoned, but I feel that it would be an interesting airport to fly to. Or is it policy to not add an abandoned/closed airport?


Special exceptions apply i.e. Kai Tak.


Does a special exception count as being in an episode of Top Gear UK?

Just joking, I understand. Thanks for the clarification.


Oooo!!! Yes, Minnesota!!! I have seen that airport.


Another world capital has been edited: Sao Tome.

Also, this completes the country of Sao Tome and Principe.



looks good


KMRB Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport



SPYL – Capitán FAP Víctor Montes Arias International Airport (Talara, Peru).

Overview #1:

Overview #2:

Terminal Ramp:

Small international airport serving Talara in Peru, just a hundred miles or so north of the capital city of Lima.