Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


Nate this looks outstanding!


OAHR Herat Airport Afghanistan



North: Civil Apron




some minor Afghan Airfields:

OADY Dwyer:

OAFR Farah no pic

OASD Shindand Airbase:

OATN Tereen no pic


VEPI Pakyong, India

challenging airport at 4638ft MSL on the side of a Hill.

special for @TheRealPocketRishi

FPPR Príncipe Airport - Sao Tome et Principe

@Tommy_Botts without prejudice to further complaints


hi has incheon international airport terminal 2 been added to the game?


Unfortunately not, but we are aware of this issue for a while and have to wait for better imagery to resolve it. Thanks for your patience.



KBRD Brainerd Lakes Regional, Brainerd MN

A nice little regional airport in north-central Minnesota, served by Delta Connection. It also has many hangars and a nice little FBO.


I’m curious if you all would ever add Cuidad Real Airport? (LERL)? I know it’s abandoned, but I feel that it would be an interesting airport to fly to. Or is it policy to not add an abandoned/closed airport?


Special exceptions apply i.e. Kai Tak.


Does a special exception count as being in an episode of Top Gear UK?

Just joking, I understand. Thanks for the clarification.


Oooo!!! Yes, Minnesota!!! I have seen that airport.


Another world capital has been edited: Sao Tome.

Also, this completes the country of Sao Tome and Principe.



looks good


KMRB Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport



SPYL – Capitán FAP Víctor Montes Arias International Airport (Talara, Peru).

Overview #1:

Overview #2:

Terminal Ramp:

Small international airport serving Talara in Peru, just a hundred miles or so north of the capital city of Lima.


There is a newly opened international airport in Spain, LEMI (RMU) Which is Murcia Corvera International Airport. Would be cool to see it in IF as its an international airport. (This is just an fyi of a new airport opening which isnt in IF)


Dear @Alex_Hancock,

you might not been aware of, but the airports we produce for IF are based on public Satellite Images. It is common that those images are not quite actual, in fact they are normaly older then a year. This is the main reason that you could not expect this airport coming soon to IF.
There are some other reasons as well:
The thread opener stated clearly that this Thread is not the Place to request airports to be edited. To be honest, there is NO place to request airports to be edited…
We Airport editors are Volunteers, and is common understanding that we do not take requests.
All fellow IF Community members are invited to join the editing team if the want to have a certain Airport been edited. Icahn sure you that we gave everybody a warm welcome and help beginners put o great extend to get everything up and running for editing and to understandstand how it is done and what 5ne rules are. If you want to join, there is a thread about that:
Getting started with IF airport editing

So thanks for your interest in Airport editing expressed in adding to this thread, join us!



KDCA received some love. Let’s look at the changed areas up close.

Overview of the new version

Overview of the old version

The new banjo concourse

The old banjo concourse

The new south half

The old south half

The new temporary commuter ramp

The old commuter ramp, before construction

An up close look at the commuter ramp, and all its new lines

This was a pretty major rework of the airport, with many under the hood improvements as well. I hope you all like it. :)


KISP Airport -

@RTG113 @Dylan_M

Full Airport Overlay - With Spawns

Full Airport Overlay - Without Spawns - Full Pavement Overview

National Guard / SheltAir FBO/ Main Terminal

Main GA Area

Flight School’s

This will be in the February Scenery Update :)


Wait. The spot between Gate’s B23 and A01L with that little spawn area doesn’t have a plane on it (Main Terminal). How come? Just wondering.