Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


Thank you! Great that you also added the storage area for where T3/the Worldport used to be.


Nellis Afb

Details could be found here: Project Fighter Bases


KBWI – Baltimore–Washington International Airport (Baltimore, MD).

Overview #1

Overview #2

Other Previews

Terminal A (Southwest Airlines)

Terminal B (Southwest Airlines)

Terminal C

Terminal D

Terminal E (International Terminal)

Terminal D/E RON Stand

Air Cargo Ramp (FedEx Express, DHL Express, UPS Airlines, Air Mobility Command)

Mid-Field Cargo Complex (Amazon Prime Air)

Northrop Grumman Hangar & Ramp

Runway 28 De-Icing Pad

Runway 15R Main & Alternate De-Icing Pads

General Aviation Ramp, Hangar & De-Icing Pad

Can you feel the LUV tonight?

The long overdue KBWI airport has now been completed. Expect to see it when the next scenery push occurs – enjoy! :)


About time KBWI was reworked. Thank you.


Here is LUV right back at you:


And if that wasn’t enough LUV for you, Dallas Love Field (KDAL) is also complete! It’ll also be present in the next scenery push.


Terminal area:



not as huge as the ones above:

RKSO Osan Airbase, South Korea

Details in the Project Fighter Bases


Here you go KDAL


MCAS Iwakuni

see Project Fighter Bases for details.
Also part of Project Japan


Finally! My 3 closest airports are soon to be complete! Can’t wait to see it in the IF Skies!


I’m crying 😭 tears of joy


ETAD Spangdahlem Airbase, Germany

Details at Project Fighter Bases


LICJ- Palermo Punta Raisi

Version 2.0 (not available in next scenery push)



KUNV – University Park Airport (State College, PA).

Overview #1

Overview #2

Details can be found in Project US Commercial Airports.


EGXC RAF Coningsby United Kingdom



ASP Aircraft Servicing Platform and EOR 26

EOR 08

Echo HAS area with QRA Flight

Foxtrot HAS

Sierra Apron

Have Fun!


KFFZ - Falcon Field
Mesa, Arizona

EDIT: Better picture


KEWR – Newark Liberty International Airport (Newark, NJ).

Overview #1:

Overview #2:

Terminal A & Amelia/Lindy/Wilbur Hardstands:

Terminal B:

Terminal C, De-Ice Ramp & Ball Park Hardstand:

General Aviation & United Airlines Maintenance:

UPS Airlines Cargo Ramp:

Main FedEx Express Cargo Ramp:

FedEx Express/Feeder Cargo Ramp:

Redone from scratch.

Quite an under-appreciated airport in the New York metropolitan area. This is the primary trans-Atlantic hub for United Airlines. It also so happens to be the destination airport of the world’s longest flight (SQ22) which coincidentally is making the inaugural journey as I type this.

You’ll see this airport in the next scenery update – Enjoy!

Previous Version (last edited in Sept. 2016).


Amazing work @Nathan!!!


Are they going to add Istanbul New Airport soon? It opens tomorrow.


As soon as the satellite imagery for the airport is available, it will be added. Don’t worry, we’re aware of the new airport opening. :)

Istanbul new airport