Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


Total count of airport made by me: 22

EDXP-Flugplatz Harle-Lower Saxony-Germany

EDWQ-Flugplatz Ganderkesee-Lower Saxony-Germany

XNO1-Flugplatz Harem-Dankern -Lower Saxony-Germany


Lukou International Airport, Nanjing, China.
Not sure if it will be ready for the initial release of Global, nonetheless, doing great progress .


Have you thought of doing EPDG as I haven’t found it listed anywhere? It’s Gdansk in Poland


We don’t take requests. The only way to get it done is to join the team


Oh ok sorry 😐 won’t do it again


You can be sure it won’t be there now for the initial release of global, maybe I will do this for you at sometime in the future as it is pretty easy ;-)


Wow, that would be great if you could.


You should do it yourself. Its much more pleasuring.


one of the thousand german airport with no earning, but with a loss of 475.000 €/year


actually it has already been done:


Brilliant, but why hasn’t it been added onto the big map/globe of all airports @Kilt_McHaggis any ideas?


You should ask kiltmchaggis. This is his project :)


He does miss out airports sometimes.


Any airport devs looking to edit a airport that will take probaly 30 mins if that it’s a little fbo and runway


No we aren’t looking for suggestions


if it takes 30 minutes to edit it, do it yourself: send a mail to to get started.
thanks ;-)


There is no issue in the system for EPDG. If it has been done then no one logged it as done in the library! If people are adding indiscriminately then I will have no idea 😵


If you mean Gdansk Airport, Poland, I am pretty sure the ICAO is EPGD, not EPDG.


EPGD is in the list
I can’t help it if the reader is dislexic.


Mountain Empire Airport, Virginia, United States.