Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


Total count of airports made by me: 15

EDVW; Flugplatz Bad Pyrmont-Niedersachsen-Germany

EDXL; Barssel Flugplatz-Niedersachsen-Germany


I’d say you edit airfields not airports ;-)


Where about sis the google earth plot?


Total count of airports made by me: 17

EDWC; Flugplatz Damme-Niedersachsen-Germany

EDXD; Flugplatz Bohmte-Bad Essen-Niedersachsen-Germany


How many airports do you have left?


We’ve done about 2,000 of the 40,000 or so in the world. Long way to go.


DNAA - Abuja, Nigeria


Yeah, but we’ve done 2000 of the biggest airports, so we’ve actually done a lot in that sense.


here I show you one of the business airport in NRW, Germany: Bielefeld Windelsbleiche, an Airport of personal interest too, as my father flew with his glider there.

To compare with the xplane default version:


Total count of airports made by me: 19

EDWE; Emden Airport-Lower Saxony-Germany

LICD; Lampedusa Airport-Sicily-Italy


Is the airport ESGU in global ?


All Airports are added.


Yaaaay it’s going to be global


Daytona Beach Intl Airport (KDAB)


International Terminal Apron

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Apron

Cessna 172 Rental Apron

Hangar Apron With FBO

So far this is the biggest airport I have done, This wont last for long as I am working on OOMS (Muscat Intl Airport, Muscat, Oman

Ps: Thanks @ryu12332 ;)
PPS: Thanks @Moritz


Amazing job Chris! Looking forward to see OOMS :)


Yup, might take me a month. Airport really looks bad so it needs urgent editing, it has a dirt runway in the middle of the terminal for christs sake. So I am scrambling to get it fixed, but I have a life and might not be able to finish it before global. Thanks allot Bruno :)!


Does anyone know where the current up-to-date google earth plot is? I’ve been looking for ages. I need to add it to my favourites or something…


You can find that, as well as other global airport information, on Tom’s website. :)


Ahh thanks appreciate it :)


DNKN - Mallam Aminu Kano Inernational - KANO - NIGERIA

A Global Priority 2 (10,000 ft runway) Airport


Main Apron

Military Apron and Military Hangars