Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


I"M SOOOOOO HAPPY!! Thank you so much. I live in and Love Cleveland! So happy!


FLKK Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Zambia
FLLS before 2011 Lusaka International


compared to X-Plane:

Civil Apron:

GA Area:

military Apron:


After almost a week of editing, the new layout for KSNA is here! Could have done it days before, but I had to study for an algebra test (in which I proudly got a +A :) ).


YCDR - Caloundra Airport - Queensland - Australia

Full view
06 pm

Grass parking
41 pm

Parking areas
33 pm
17 pm

This one was a challenge trying to get satellite imagery showing the secondary yellow markings.


More West African airports to explore the new scenery (including GA airports) (More to come)







Total count of airports made by me: 13

EDVX-Flugplatz Achmer; Germany-Lower Saxony



I was thinking of joining in to get YPLC made. Gonna try and learn some basics of editing and making these.


It’s hard, been stuck on my hometown airport for a month.😂


Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Dush has been here <3, 2014


More West African airports to explore the new scenery.






Did anybody do KLDJ?


I also did KBKL & KCGF. Check out project Ohio here: Project Ohio | All Towered Airports Complete!


Hello Jake,

So far, that airport is not being redone, so this can be your chance to do it yourself if you want it to be fully detailed in global flight!

If you are interested, send an email to, thanks :)


an updated Prague (LKPR) is here:
I have changed the lines from solid yellow to double solid yellow/ (Black). I have also added lights and fixed snapping issues.



A Global Priority 2 (10,000 foot runway) Airport

Air Force Base in North Dakota.

@DeerCrusher recently reported that this needed doing. He couldn’t have been more right - this X-Plane file was awfully unrealistic.


Main apron (Ramp C)

Other parking (Ramp B)


YWLM-RAAF Base Williamtown-Newcastle,New Southe Wales,AUSTRALIA

Home of RAAFs E7A (Boing737), F/A16, and future home of the F35.
The F35 is also the reason for massive construction work on site.
I will update this airport as required and possible.



Mil Overview:

AEW&C Mainainence, E7As Apron, and Mil-Cargo Apron:

Fighter Apron:

and Civil Terminal:

Project Australia

That was fast. I’ll have to check it out once the airport makes it out in 🌎 Thanks!


Ahh yeah. I didn’t have any other project on my hands so managed to squeeze it into a weekend. Glad you appreciate it and enjoy.


Can i see the X-Plane file for AVL?


Original X-Plane Base File (not edited; low quality).

This airport hasn’t been edited to high quality, as you can see above, nor suggested. If you want to see it edited in high quality, you’ll have to do it yourself. Visit for more information on how to get started with us. :)

In the future, please try not to comment things like this in this category as it is for Infinite Flight contributors like us airport editors.

Thanks and take care! :)