Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


Progress in the last 4 hours…
Its Christmas and I should be with family, but I’m trying to get this is for review by tomorrow night for you guys… :)


You could slow down. Wouldn’t make it in the next update anyways. (Past deadline)


FALA is complete!
Now we have to wait and see if I did everything correctly.


South GA Area

North GA Area

Execujet Sector

Main Apron

@Samviation @Emmanuel_Nyoni

Disclaimer: Service roads will come when newer and higher quality orthophotos are available. Lanseria has just undergone renovation so it was really hard to visualize the roads.


Looks Perfect!!!

Awesome 👏 Well done, it looks perfect 💯 @Josh_Tomaz Thanks for the update.

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KUCP (New Castle Municipal Airport), one of the airports that I visited during my first flight lesson:


West Apron:

East Apron:


With a severe amount of unedited airports in Oregon, it was time to take on a long quest to edit them. Living in Oregon myself I find this sub par.

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

My single step begins with KMMV (McMinnville Municipal).

1 / 9 / 2020

95% of all visible taxi lines are added.

1 / 12 / 2020

Airport is complete.


Hangar Spawns

Everything else


After the unexpected interruption of Project Austria (which at the end produced new versions for its main airports, military air bases and some GA airfields) I was free again to move on to some airports, this time I took the time to redo the airports serving the Baltic states’ capitals: Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga.

If you’re looking for more non-cliché flights, you can now take-off and land on one of these airports. And by the time the Airbus A220 arrives in Infinite Flight with the AirBaltic livery (and maybe with the flag liveries too, which are very cool) these airports will be ready for it as well.




These airports also feature new colored lines, however they won’t render in IF. It’s up to them to make then available in the scenery. So don’t be surprised to see airports with “no gate outlines” or “no roads,” etc.


Hi, Team

Is there anyone currently assigned or working on Victoria Falls Airport?


Someone is assigned to FVFA but that was back in Jun.

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Nice, I’m loving EVRA!

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Not done one of these for a while but here is a newly reworked VQPR!

Overview of the entire airport

The one lonely cargo area.

Smaller Hangar + GA Area.

Main Apron/Terminal Area.

Liam Kirk


Time to revisit VQPR’s just wonderful approach…

After 6 days of work (yes, 6 days), I was able to completely redo from scratch Istanbul Airport (IST/LTFM).

The new version has 84 ATC frequencies (all revised), revised spawns, taxiways and markings, among other stuff. The total weight of the file is now 1,40MB making it one of the most heaviest files in the database.

The real challenge in this airport was not editing it, the imagery used was the toughest element. Unfortunately, some airports don’t have an excellent imagery and LTFM was not the exception. Some taxiways weren’t completely straight, so drawing them was somewhat difficult. I tried my best to make them! Will make another redo when the new runway and taxiways are completed, hopefully Google will improve the resolution in Istanbul later in the future.

Keep requesting more Turkish liveries!

More Details


I love Istanbul and all but I don’t see why the airports they are building have to be that big 😂 Like it’s Heathrow that should get the renovation to be like that.


Hmmm let me think…15 million people live in Istanbul and an airline with one of the biggest international networks is also based there

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As Istanbul is consolidating itself as an important connection hub and Turkish Airlines is increasing their routes to cover more countries, the government thought that building a large airport could be the answer for it, to accommodate all the flights and improve the flow of traffic in the area.

EGLL is being redone at the moment.


Well Turkish has 330 aircraft and the airport has 143 gates minus how many aircraft are in other airports so yes, the terminal is pretty good but I’m mainly talking about the cargo aprons that I should’ve mentioned before

Holy mother of God… Imagine opening all those frequencies… I’d love to see the ATC tab 😂.

And congratulations on that, it’s a real achievement, rebuilding one of the world’s biggest airports is a massive stretch of time and effort. Just imagine when OMDW is completed…

OMDW is Dubai’s newest airport, in service currently as a private airport and for cargo. It is destined to be one of the worlds biggest airports, bigger than OMDB.

The amount of nodes… 😨


Fortunately we won’t have to think about their massive expansion for the moment as the project has been paused 😅 Maybe that will replace OMDB, they cannot expand it any further where it is.