Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread

Hi @Pilot_Dan1, you joint the Airport editing team once. Why don’t you check yourself?
It makes me feel sad to get those questions from people who should get the answers by them self with less effort then asking in IFC.
If this is your way of a request, while you couldn’t edit yourself for what ever reasons you should be aware that we do not take requests.

Regards, Tom


I join the team for around 6 months ago. But The Editor won’t open a image in the Editing view.

You are aware the we have a slack channel for support? No, do not answere, this is the wrong place to discuss.


I have asked two times before but people just ignore, I found out of it with an PM of two others!

ENKJ (Kjeller)

Main Gates:

Other part of the Airport


Just finished up my first airport that is not part of Project Montana. This is KPJC (Zelienople Municipal Airport), the airport at which I received my first flight lesson:


North Apron:

South Apron:


LFQT Merville Callonel a small one in France


Included in the most recent push just a couple days ago was KOAK, which I did a full re-do.
It took me about 1.5 months of editing, and 1 month of waiting in review.

Take a look!


North Side


West GA Apron:

Northern GA Section:

Eastern GA Section:

South Side

Main Terminal:

Remote Parking:

FedEx Ramp:

This certain section took me 2-3 hours to edit alone, it was very intricate!:

This has been one of my favorite airports to edit, enjoy!


My other large airport in the recent push was KMDT, which is now where @Tyler_Shelton will be an ATC at IRL!


Cargo and PA National Guard Ramp:

Main Terminal and Remote Parking:

GA Area:

53 PM

Surprise :)

31 PM


Haha Lucky Tyler! Did Ryan or Moritz noticed the TJ sign?

That’s what I’m talking about! Details, details, details! Airport editing is like making art. One of the team managers would disagree with me though LOL. 😉

Nice work!


love love LOVE this! I flew out of there last night and loved the little surprise. I’ll absolutely be using it to practice throughout training! Thanks again for editing MDT. :)


I could’ve sworn I said to get rid of that lol


Hey guys, here’s just a small airport request. (I would make this airport myself, but my computer can’t handle the software used)

Name: Locher Airfield”
Locations: Italy

Google maps image:

It’s a fairly small private airport, so I was wondering if there’s anyway someone could please possibly add it? I’m just amazed at the landings here. Check this video out!

Thanks in advance 😄

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Hi, poor excuse …
Anyway, the ICAO yo unnamed has to many letters.
And for Locher lawn, it hasn’t a valid ICAO anyway, the one you find in some pages of the internet is a fake one made ages ago by xPlane.
So It wouldn’t added ti IF.


Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Yeah, that airfield doesn’t have enough information, and I found out the code is fake. This was excluded from my project for Italy.

“To get the airfield to show up in X-Plane I’ve “assigned” it the fake airport code of LILX.”

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Hey guys wanted to say great work and keep up. I would love to volunteer but I cannot because I have no computer :(. I wanted to point one thing out the Orlando Executive airport in the game is titled “Orando” when it should be Orlando.

KCDH “Harrel Field”

Small GA Airport, but the scenery surrounding it is pretty awesome. I’d definitely give it a shot in the next Airport Update.


UKKT, Sviatoshyn Airfield Ukraine

Antonovs Produktion site. Just in case IF-LLC surprise us with a An-124