Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread

Well, it has been a loooong time since I last posted in this topic. Still, during the time of my absence I’ve been working continuously in many airports, but recently I dropped support from most of them because I can’t “control” them all at once, so I focused my attention those that are part of 2 projects and another group formerly called “Other airports” which are now promoted to a new level of priority which I call “Group of 7,” like the annual summit where the leaders of the most advanced economies meet.

Today I want to present one of the G7 airports: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta.

The world’s busiest airport has had a complete redo with new spawns, frequencies, taxiways, markings, etc. I just finished this airport and it’s ready to be uploaded to the database. You can expect the new version in the next scenery push.


Very exllecent airport, Bruno.

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After months of deliberating, the frustration accumulated and the tragic circumstances finally forced my hand. Tocumen Airport’s Terminal 2 was inaugurated early this year, but since I mainly use Google Maps, I had a huge block in the way since the imagery was very outdated meanwhile the charts and other resources were up to date.

Seeing the airport I did in IF was a frustration, knowing that the real airport is completely different, so based on the diagrams from the airport’s master plan and the charts, to better know the current/planned taxiways, markings and the new gate numbering. It didn’t take me long, but finally the airport will have Terminal 2 in the next scenery push.

I’d like to present the new Hub of the Americas. Not only this airport is the among the main in Latin America and the hub for Copa Airlines, but also is the first airport I ever made.

New Terminal 2 with new markings and taxiways.

The already existing Terminal 1, also with new taxiways and markings around it.

  • The gates on T1 are now numbered from 101 to 146, meanwhile the gates on T2 are numbered from 201 to 225.

  • The markings and taxiway shapes may not be very accurate since the imagery is veeery outdated. I tried my best when drawing them!

  • The gates’ positions may be not also accurate.

  • Once Google decides to update the imagery, I’ll make another redo.

  • Now it’s time for the Copa livery to be updated!


KAUS- Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Re-done from scratch. Will be in the next airport push.


Main Terminal:

South Terminal:

GA Area:

Cargo Area:




Very happy to see the heavy international gates available at the main terminal now. :)

Thanks, Issac!


Hey, Gabe here again!

Two of my edited airport will be in the next update. KCHU and 55Y, those are located in southern-eastern Minnesota. Mostly regional airport and GA as well. Y49 is in Official Review after rejected the first time.

KCHU Overview:

KCHU Ramp Start Area (NW of the airport):

55Y Overview:

55Y Ramp Start Area (NE of the airport):

That’s all, thank.

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St barts needs to be fixed. Yo can see the airport through the mountains and it really stuffs up your approach.

Not an issue to do with the editors :)


KMSY: New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport



Main Terminal


New Terminal (under construction) and GA Area


Cargo Area and GA Hangars

Just for @Nathan :)


I’m glad to present a renewed airport: Dublin Airport (DUB/EIDW).

After fixing the surface of runway 10/28, I also spotted some outdated parts in the airport. What started with a simple fixing, ended up being a redo from scratch. This new version includes new ramp starts and updates to the north and south aprons. You can expect this in the following scenery push.

West Apron & Hangars

North Apron + maintenance aprons & north remote stands

Passenger Terminals + central and south remote stands

Hopefully we will get the new Aer Lingus livery for the A320 soon!

Other notes:

  • I’m aware that the airport’s new runway is under construction, but it’s not shown in Google Maps so the light aircraft apron C will remain where it is for the moment.

  • The control tower view will remain at 32 meters. Once the new tower is fully operational, the view will be moved to its new location and raised to 88 meters.


Nice work! Glad to see the south remote stands added next to the central terminal ramp. I believe someone on the forum had mentioned that area was missing. :)



some [ALL ;-) ] Esonian Airports and Airfields are done now:


I feel KPSM needs a few fixes Here is IF vs real life

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Just a suggestion

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This is not how we work. We don’t take suggestions from the public, we choose the airports we want to work on.

Anyways, someone in the team is going to do some fixes at PSM.


Oh sorry didn’t know and that’s great thanks for the info. And I could see why you don’t take suggestions from the public or these topics would be in part 100 by now

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cause this takes a bit longer I share some W ork I n P rogress pictures:

Runways layed, Boarder made, and Asphalt finished 90%

concrete outline layed, a quick step:

but it took a while to cut holes:


the pavement was followed by sidelines, this again takes a while and is in progress now:

(here shown without toolage and with pavement nonetransperent.)


Any planned work for PDX?

Assuming you mean KPDX the answere is no. The airport was edited in December 2015.