Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread

Awesome layout! Ill be sure to visit the airbase

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I was told it is finished and they are just waiting on the next update to put it out there

Really? Again I will state this. Just check with Everything currently in the sim is listed there. Kilt also maintains a handy dandy set of maps that contains all the completed airports for every country or US state, as well as a bunch of other charts for aircraft, liveries etc. Please look these things up on your own. Instead of editing airports we have to repeat ourselves to answer the same few questions almost daily. There is a reason we tell people not to post in #thirdparty:developer unless they are contributors. Seriously y’all.


Airport Editing Coordinator

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Project Kennedy:

Update #1


Decided to tackle KJFK and redo it completely from scratch. Began cutting holes into this one large taxiway. I’ve also added a few taxiway edge lines.

Stay tuned for more updates! :)


LEZL Seville Spain Airbus A400M assembly


Civil Apron:




Travis Air Force Base, California:

McChord Air Force Base, Washington:

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Project Kennedy:

Update #2

Most of the outskirts of the airport are complete. Time to work on cutting out the inner field and terminals.


Project Kennedy:

Update #3


JFK is shaping up nicely!

All holes are cut into the large taxiway. I’ve also added the terminals and miscellaneous buildings surrounding the airport. Time for the taxiway edge markings! :)


Unnecessary surfaces. :ban:


I’ve been flying around and noticed something at EPKK. As some of you may know the airport got a brand new terminal building in 2016, but the IF surface seems to be showing the old terminal in dark. I don’t know if this is because this airport had been made before the new terminal or if the background file was outdated and displayed the old terminal, cheers.

This isn’t the appropriate outlet to report something like this. The airport will be edited/updated by a member of the team soon though.

Thanks for letting us know.

Nathan H
Airport Editing Supervisor


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I’m not really sure what your issue is with the airport. It was completed in 2017, so if the terminal was shown in the imagery the editor used, it was drawn. It is quite possible that the underlying satellite imagery does not show the terminal (some areas are quite outdated). Please refrain from posting anything in a #thirdparty:developer category, especially if the issue isn’t concrete like an elevation, or similar.


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It’s the concrete, the dark terminal concrete space is of the shape of the old terminal which had been removed since 2016. I’ll try and get a picture and send it in your messages if you’d like me to.

The original editor has expressed plans to improve the airport. A redone terminal may be in its future.

Project Kennedy:

Update #4

Terminal 1-4 Area Close-Up:

Quite a lot of progress has been made since the previous update. All taxilines within the airport are all drawn. The primary markings for terminals 1-4 are already created. Currently working on the markings for terminals 5-8 then will move forward with completing the outskirts of the airport/cargo areas.


Nathan I will be interested to see how much memory your version takes up. I know the previous version was the most greedy of all apt files in our database. This may have been due to the multiple layers used. Great job by the way.



Is somebody doing Nashville?(KBNA)

Also KBWI would be amazing! Especially that Southwest uses it so much!

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