Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread

Two important notes for anyone:

  1. This thread is no chat room, no Q&A thread, no airport editing information thread, no could-you-please-do-my-home-airport or how-do-i-join-airport-editing thread, this is a tracking thread.
    What does that mean? Airport editors and only airport editors post pictures of the airports they did here and that should be the only content of this thread. No need to say how good an airport looks or what not. Leave a like or something if you like what we spend hours of our lifetime for we could as well use for predicting global release dates.
    If you have any questions, this is the thread you are looking for, not this one. Everything you could possibly ask us is answered in detail here:
  1. Our issue tracker is only to be touched by listed airport editors. You know that you are an airport editor if you are added to our Slack team. If you think making issues for your favorite airports on our issue tracker will make your airports be edited faster you are as wrong as you could possibly be. They are equipped with a fictional Ultra Low Priority label or end up like this airport which I spilled my magic potion on and is now some tiny airport in Oman that nobody of you will have ever heard of and doesn’t even have a terminal building.
    Lesson learned?