Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread

Larnaca International Airport. Larnaca, Cyprus



Waiting for this one to get done. So happy!

Is BIKF already done?

Why don’t you check the map kilt46 posted?

You’re a regular, you should know these basic rules.


1st: I’ve never heard of such map.
2nd:[quote=“dush19, post:1162, topic:48719”]
You’re a regular, you should know these basic rules.
I think you should thank about being polite to each other… And instead of just spreading hate, you could have taken a quick look on that map and could have helped me…

It’s right here:


Is anyone doing LTBA, Istanbul Ataturk Airport?

Done by @Ilyas

Nice thanks!

You should read the title of the topic, and the description of the category. :)

And the various places editors have posted where to check if an airport is done. Sorry but you were breaking rules of a specific category, and a being a regular… Oh well.


You set the example as a regular. If you break the rules of a topic, and other newer members see what you are doing, they are going to do that. What you did is not apart of this topic.


What is the meaning of this topic if not asking if an airport is already done and maybe getting an image of that airport?

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@mbmhwue148 I agree with u on that since even I was also questioned.

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I guess the headline says it, it’s a topic where we editors can Show you guys the airports we created for global flight


And you can’t request sb to show a certain airport?

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Read the fine print.


I don’t request an airport to be done…

Just wanted to know if someone could post a screenshot of it…

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@mbmhwue148 It has been done


I suggest that you check the map that kilt made , then if it is on that map and you can’t find it in this thread then you can ask.


Thanks, on the map the airports didn’t show up for me… :)

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I don’t see where this says you just want to see screenshot…

Apart from that it’s just unnecessary to ask for airport pictures, if they are done they will most probably be already posted here and if not they will most probably not be done after that request. If it’s done and not posted here requests just would slow editing since we would need to find the editor to make him post here, in the meantime we could also edit. This doesn’t take too long for one airport but if we allowed requests we would see a increase of requests here for sure.

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