Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


Sorry if this is a duplicate, but this is really for our lovely airport editors to show what they’ve completed and what they are completing in the way of global airports!

Here are mine so far:

Skiathos (LGSK):

Rafael Nunez International (SKCG):

I’m also doing Phuket Intl (VTSP)


  1. To the moderators: If this is a dear duplicate (Which I hope it isn’t as I searched) feel free to close it!
  2. This isnt a place to request an airport. We are showing you our projects so you can see what they’ll look like when the time comes and Global Flight is released.
  3. If you like the Airport, please give it a like.

A message from Dush:

To know the status on your favorite airport(s)
Search your airport’s ICAO

  • Closed - Done :)

Thankyou. :)

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@Mr_Jetstar When taking a screenshot of your airport make sure to uncheck “show verticles” to get a nicer picture.


Thanks Samuel! :)

Fixed them so they look presentable!


I hope someone uploads the pic for Auckland


Somebody please do HAM (Hamburg, Germany)


This is not the place to request airports, but however, Hamburg is done :)


This is not the place to request. This topic is for the IFAE to show off their big/small projects.


yep, re-done by yours truly ;)


17FL - Jumbolair-Greystone Airport completed long ago.


Has anyone done Palma de Mallorca, is working with it?


I think @carmalonso has already done Palma de Mallorca.


Here are my airports:

Kilt helped me a lot with this one.

Kilt helped me a lot on this one aswell.


Home of John Travolta :D


Are you sure the airport boundaries look like that?


Well, they don’t have to look like that… Its just a simple fix which I can do later. As long as the Airport is good, and its presentable for Global Flight its all good.


I used to edit, but my computer just couldn’t handle it. I worked on small airports. If you want I can show you but i may struggle to get the files.


Not a place to request. This is a place to show off airports we’ve completed. If you want Macau, check Kilts website.


If you want you can. :)


It’s a hassle opening them. They’re not that impressive either.


Youd make my day if you made IKA International Airport