Infinite flight Glitches and Eastereggs!

Hi! So I wanted to tell you guys all the glitches/Easter eggs in IF.

This one is already fixed but if you went to ZUGU you would see this:image

Pretty much no one much reads Registration of Aircraft but when I was looking at the Eva Air 787 registration and saw it was @MishaCamp 's first name "“Misha”image

Next up I can’t show the picture but sometimes on your mobile the gear tilt won’t be perfect and theres no transition to it.

Everyone must know this one. @Dan had shown this a long time ago back in 2020 showing a ryanair 737 Hovering. It has also been shown by @Swiss001 I will put there Videos after I finish writing every easter egg and bug.

Im sure everyone knows this one! In the A330 there is a Pencil, Backpack, Beer(idk) and a mobile!

I think this one is mostly a big bug and glitch In IF. On the F18, F22A, F14 and F16 ( Don’t remember what planes it was) You can go over 1000 or 500 knots. Yes that is correct.

Lastly I wanted to say that in the replay file of some a350 flights you go almost up to 600 knots shown here. Credits to @PocketRishi. Link to his video down below: image

Alright end of my sentences here are the links:

Infinite Flight - Detroit to London | Delta Airlines | Airbus A350 | Global MultiPlayer | TimeLapse - YouTube - Rishi

Top 5 Things to do on Infinite Flight - YouTube - Dan

Funniest GLITCHES in Infinite Flight - YouTube - Swiss

If any more easter eggs are found by you I’m happy to add it in my next part!


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This one in the a330


Also near ENBR there i a mountain cut in half

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Yeah sorry.

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Dam Rest in piece mountain,

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Don’t worry! Everyone makes mistakes

just like my parents did 23 years ago


How do I even respond to this…🤣

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🤣🤣 wow you really made me laugh


me now wondering what happened in 1998


Wow that is a good laugh before school this morning

me now wondering what happenedn in 15 mins before


Sometimes airstrips will randomly generate in the ocean

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its the sea people trying to feel how flying feels like

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I assume you’re talking about the can in the cupholders in the cockpit. I did a bit of research a while ago (pretty much as soon as the A330 rework got released), and the can is actually Bubly sparkling water, with a (I think) mango flavor

rest in piece f22 hope you have enough fuel to fly to a acutal airport

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