Infinite Flight Glitch

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having an amazing day. So, I was on short final with a cessna 172. And my speed was 60kts. So, when i was on final, the plane automatically stalls. So, is there any solution?

Not sure if it is a glitch but if it is, glitches must be reported in #support

I think

The final approach speed of a C172 is 65kts. Either you were flying in super high winds or you managed to stall and flip yourself. Not really a glitch.


can we have load and winds pls

its probably because of the low speed and maybe the wind, not really a glitch

I’ve flown the 172 with zero wind and light load and compared to a IRL 172 it feels underpowered?

Try the same with no wind and a light load and see what happens. Keep the nose pointed down towards the numbers and keep 65kts , try full flap first and see how it performs.

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There was no wind.

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