Infinite flight glitch

Okay so I was flying from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas Fort Worth on expert server then all of a sudden my screen freezed and infinite flight crashed halfway through my flight. Can anybody help me before I write a horrible review about infinite flight because this literally like my 5th time this happened to me in the last month and I did everything that the moderators told me to do.

Hey mate,

I would take a look at this post linked below, it might help you out.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Okay so first off, thank you for trying to help me out but secondly, I read the post and what is the 3rd party app called so I can remove it? Is their anything else I can do?

Another suggestion that has worked for some users is whilst at cruise, aiming your camera at the overhead panel in the cockpit or going to tail camera and pointing upwards. This way the scenery tiles below your aircraft aren’t constantly updating/loading, so has decreased the risk of a crash for some users.

I tried this in a previous flight and during that flight, infinite flight crashed too

Oh right, I’m sorry to hear that mate. As stated in the post I linked above, there isn’t much that Infinite Flight can do in regards to trying to solve the issue. They are working on a workaround currently, but it’s a third party software that is causing the crashing.

Okay well thank you for your help

No worries mate!

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